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In this business sector new and adjusting developments for communications systems are carried out. Besides the developmental tasks, several services  (consulting, highlevel - support) are offered in order to round off the program. Our know-how ranges from traditional communications solutions to modern VoIP-solutions.


Meridian 1 by NortelNetworks is one of the most frequently sold PABX- systems worldwide. The highly motivated development team has specialized in the sophisticated communications system Meridian1 by NortelNetworks .
The team is highly experienced in the soft-  and hardware development centering around Meridian 1.
The great market success of Meridian 1 in Austria and Eastern Europe was not least reached because of the great commitment of this development team.
Besides several software adaptations special hardware developments for Meridian 1 have also been realized.

  • Integrated CCS  #7 Interface
  • "Dial on demand" – language multiplexer ( compressing 4:1 )
  • Country specific trunks
    • Russia ( CADASE, ANI,....)
    • Ukraine ( CADASE, ANI,.....)
    • Hungary
    • Poland
    • Czech Republic
    • Slovakia
    • Bulgaria
  • Flexible "Pulsed E&M" trunk
  • Integrated time synchronization ( DCF 77 )
  • Integrated  language announcement components ( RAN, MUS, XCT )
  • Dispatcher system

The development team of IT-Technology realizes ADD ONs for Meridian 1.